Goddamnit I will be tall and slim and rock and roll

This isn’t especially interesting but I’m just kind of thinking about these potential things to get inked on mah bod:

- ‘To live would b an awfully big adventure’ on right side rib cage.

- A lion, in colour. Not sure about other details. I think pretty small. Needs to look proud as fuck.

- Little drawings on hands/fingers (black circle around pinkie, Frightened Rabbit cross, Paramore symbol, Alpha Omega Architects symbol, arrow. Need to plan right hand! Talon of the Hawk knife?)

- Architects lyrics: ‘Look at this life as a grain of sand, the blink of an eye, a world in your hands’. Potentially left side rib cage but I think I would rather have a big image there. Maybe inner arm?

- Dream catcher behind right ear.

Once you’ve thought about how someone would sleep next to you, you’re fucked.
― (via she-paints-lovely-pictures)