How many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb?

Define ‘light bulb’.

I had a really awesome dream last night. Me and Jo and I think it was Debby were going to the pub only it was a pub called ‘The Woman in Black’ that was actually more like a licensed all night cafe (not the food kind but the starbucks kind) and we got there and Will Smith was at the counter and I was like OMG :O and he noticed and like said hey and told us to enjoy our coffee and then we got drinks and we were on our way upstairs and I saw Michael Cera and he looked sad and then somehow I had his number and Jo and Debs were sat chatting and drinking coffee while I texted Michael Cera who was downstairs waiting for his Scott Pilgrim producers to come back to the table with their coffee. It was awesome. I love Michael Cera. I might watch Scott Pilgrim in a bit.

HEY GUYS. We’re not covering ‘super bass’ anymore - we’re covering I JUST HAD SEX. SO MUCH BETTER.