45 min walk listening to TAA and an evening with pals will fix any bad mood. Someone remind me of this on my next empty day.

All my friends are great. Thanks for being great guys.

Empty day.

Or I could not chew my lips until they bleed that would be good too

I don’t want to go back to uni yet. Not because it’ll be bad or anything, but just not yet.

If we could all stop blogging giant pictures of moths that would be excellent.

See basically I just should not drink because me and alcohol are really not friends but drinking is just so so integral to my social life ughhhh

I think I know what TAA tattoo i want this is a very big deal

put some cray blue chalk shit in my hair. can’t tell if it’s hella rad or hella bad

There’s a spider’s web outside my window and a moth got stuck in it and I could see the spider crawl over and start sucking it’s life out and i feel pretty sad and grossed out and also oddly even more keen on becoming a vegetarian now. I think I’m going to start easing into it. Hopefully by the time I go back to uni I will only be eating the meat served to me by my mother at the very most, for her convenience. At uni I should hopefully be a proper veggie. I don’t want to be the spider :(

feelin gr8

ho hum hmmmmm

Goddamnit I will be tall and slim and rock and roll

This isn’t especially interesting but I’m just kind of thinking about these potential things to get inked on mah bod:

- ‘To live would be an awfully big adventure’ on right side rib cage.

- A lion, in colour. Not sure about other details. I think pretty small. Needs to look proud as fuck.

- Little drawings on hands/fingers (black circle around pinkie, Frightened Rabbit cross, Paramore symbol, Alpha Omega Architects symbol, arrow. Need to plan right hand! Talon of the Hawk knife?)

- Architects lyrics: ‘Look at this life as a grain of sand, the blink of an eye, a world in your hands’. Potentially left side rib cage but I think I would rather have a big image there. Maybe inner arm?

- Dream catcher behind right ear.

- The Amity Affliction Greens Avenue crest and lyrics. Maybe thigh or right shoulder blade?