There are a couple of thinspo blogs following me which I really don’t understand because a) I do not post anything thinspo I am literally the exact opposite of thinspo and b) I find the concept of thinspo disgusting and damaging. Stoooooop. 

Dad is snoring in the next room so loudly ughhhhh whyyyyyy.

On a positive note I get a Grandma Sunday lunch tomorrow and it will, without a doubt, be the tastiest thing I have eaten in months.

I literally have no ambition I just want to move to Amsterdam with friends and open a cafe and a bike rental shop.

I am so terrifyingly in love with all of my friends.

Is this called living, or something else?

Paramore - Last Hope

I don’t even know myself at all,
I thought I would be happy by now.

How many mental health professionals does it take to change a mindset?

Fucking loads.

“The need to go astray, to be destroyed, is an extremely private, distant, passionate, turbulent truth.” 

Oh my god brain can you not

In 8 days I will be home and yay home because no uni work and home friends and home bed and family especially lauren and home friends home friends home friends i am so excited to be home. I’m never homesick. This is crazy weird.