I have a distinct feeling that in a few days I am going to feel very sad. I’m not sure when. This is odd.

Thinking about it, considering that people in my town and in my school committed suicide and that we had school assemblies about the incidences, I think it’s ridiculous that we never really had mental illnesses (such as depression or schizophrenia or eating disorders) addressed to us in any real way.

I would really like to know what the general outsider perspective on my life is. What would people say about the fumbly and confused yet often entertaining mess I’ve made for myself?

finally got the rest of my disposables from leeds fest last year queued up! looking at them has gotten me very excited for this year!

Came home from work and took my hair out of my ponytail and it looked really good and that combined with how slammin my eyeliner was today kind of makes me feel like today was supposed to have something more happen in it.

Eyeliner game is on point today and the only place I’m going is work. Cry cry. I have two flicks on each eye and I don’t look stupid. TWO FLICKS.

Ughhhhhhhh just wanna be rich and slim with awesome clothes and tattoos and a sassy rock and roll attitude

Tonsillectomies hurt.

Yawning huuuuuuuuuuurts.

I have been pissed off without reason consistently for the last 3 hours and seriously no.

Just want to be at home again now really. Uni’s getting a bit shit.

I really just cannot be fucking bothered anymore. I’ve felt consistently pissed off for like 4 days and it’s exhausting. Not quite as exhausting as the amount of things people do that actually are fucking annoying though.

Scratch that. I don’t feel bad. It’s not ‘a bit tiring’. They’re behaving like children.

Being a constant mediator in my best friends’ relationship is getting a bit tiring.