Oh, the irony of being given a christian church concert flyer while listening to Fire Or Knife.

Going to not drink for a while now and I’m really hoping no one will give me a hard time about it.

Took my card out last night WHYYY

Stupid laptop webcam is too low quality to see my nose ring unless I am literally like an inch away from it and no one needs to see anyone’s face that close up. Might actually have to borrow someone’s phone to take a selfie. Not sure that’s legit…

Over summer like 4 or 5 different people promised to drive me to pets at home so I could cuddle a bunny and none of them did it cry cry i just want to cuddle a bunny

Horrible bug in my room GO AWAY

Mama doesn’t seem mad about the impending nose piercing which is great but how

Hate telling the people on my course the dates I’m not around to rehearse because I’m off at gigs. They’ll say it’s fine now but probably lose their shit with me later when they’re stressed. Can’t wait!

Cry cry woke up from a really fab dream to go to my 9am for no reason because it was cancelled. Could use the time to be productive but probably just going to figure out my halloween costume. Determined for it to be amazing!

Gonna get my nose pierced wooo

Went to see an x-rated hypnotist show tonight. It was both hilarious and weird as fuck. Would recommend.

My laptop is so fucked. If it lasts the year it will be a miracle. Fingers crossed it doesn’t fall to shit halfway through my dissertation or something.

Throwing a halloween party but super scared at the prospect of no one wanting to come ahhhh D:

Someone tell me it’s legit to spend my student loan on piercings please.