feelin gr8

ho hum hmmmmm

Goddamnit I will be tall and slim and rock and roll

This isn’t especially interesting but I’m just kind of thinking about these potential things to get inked on mah bod:

- ‘To live would be an awfully big adventure’ on right side rib cage.

- A lion, in colour. Not sure about other details. I think pretty small. Needs to look proud as fuck.

- Little drawings on hands/fingers (black circle around pinkie, Frightened Rabbit cross, Paramore symbol, Alpha Omega Architects symbol, arrow. Need to plan right hand! Talon of the Hawk knife?)

- Architects lyrics: ‘Look at this life as a grain of sand, the blink of an eye, a world in your hands’. Potentially left side rib cage but I think I would rather have a big image there. Maybe inner arm?

- Dream catcher behind right ear.

- The Amity Affliction Greens Avenue crest and lyrics. Maybe thigh or right shoulder blade?


few people have ever needed snugs as much as i do today

urghhhh whaaat


btw i am very very very excited for leeds fest and apparently have lost my ability to punctuate anything so soz but no punctuation is what you should expect EXCITEDDDD

Didn’t realise that The Courteeners are great they’re great

So basically I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for Leeds Fest so I queued everything in the tag pretty much so enjoy!

Also if tomorrow goes to plan it will be amazing and this weekend is going to be fucking sick and I just cannot deal with the excitement.


Extremely distressed because I have wanted ‘to live would be an awfully big adventure’ tattooed on me for as long as I can remember and now this other girl I know has said she wants the same thing on her with no knowledge that I wanted it first and in all likelihood she will get it first because she already has tattoos and I want to be like at least a stone thinner before I get it which will take time and so she’ll get it and then I’ll get it and everyone will be like ruhhhrrrrr you copied her but I have wanted this tattoo for like seven years I mean come on no fair

Relentless is like delicious nectar from a flower in the garden of Eden.

Someone tell that bitch on spotify that no one gives a shit what her favourite audiobook is.